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Remote Product Strategist

OP Labs Remote
🗓  Tue, Jul 9 AI Crypto Ethereum

We’re looking for a practical and deep-thinking Product Strategist to help craft our “emerging technology” product strategy. Today, the Superchain is the leading L2 ecosystem w/ over 10M MAUs. This role will ensure the Superchain stays at the forefront of innovation, consumer UX, and security by defining, and executing, its path to adopt new and emerging technologies.

The Superchain is rapidly evolving: blobs, permissionless fault proofs, and (coming soon!) native interoperability. Many new and exciting technologies hold promise to further differentiate the Superchain and expand the design space of what’s possible with L2s. This role will enumerate, prioritize, evaluate, and, eventually, help integrate these technologies into the Superchain.

What are the role responsibilities?

  • Define the vision, strategy, and product roadmap to grow the Superchain by incorporating emerging technologies such as ZKPs, shared sequencing, AI, and more
  • Have the technical chops to run and benchmark emerging technologies
  • Dig-in to Githubs, Discords, and community channels to separate signal from noise
  • Build lasting relationships with “frontier tech” teams to stay up-to-date on their latest developments and bring them into the Superchain
  • Educate the Collective on the the current state of relevant technologies and their long-term value to the Superchain

What skills do you bring?

  • 5+ years writing production code in crypto with an emphasis on smart contracts and infra
  • ELI5 emerging technologies and their long-term value to our existing products
  • Experience identifying and interacting with the best teams in crypto
  • Deep strategic thinking coupled with clear, pithy writing

What will you like about us?

  • Driving the Superchain’s strategy and adoption of the bleeding-edge of web3 tech
  • Straddling hands-on technical work with impactful product strategy
  • Working with a world-class team developing a technically challenging product critical to scaling Ethereum
  • Fully remote, deeply engaged, highly skilled, and yet really FUN team environment
  • Competitive compensation and benefits package

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