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Remote Backend Engineer

All in Bits Remote
About the role
We're looking for a Backend Engineer to join our team and contribute by becoming a subject matter expert on Gno. The ideal candidate is a proactive individual who enjoys creating beautiful code that is readable by humans and machines alike and enjoys creating tools for other developers. You will become the reference for quality code for our user base. 


    • Diving deep into the Gno language by building Gno-native libraries and applications
    • Demonstrating Gno’s capabilities by building full-stack applications
    • Lead & contribute to technical discussions about improving Gno & as a technical product, aimed at developers & open-source contributors
    • Developing tools for other developers

Basic Requirements

    • 4+ years of expertise working in the field of engineering
    • Proficient with Golang.
    • Proven experience as an OSS contributor or maintainer. Please share your portfolio with code samples (Github, gitlab, or whatever you prefer)
    • Experience in producing high-quality technical content for education purposes (blogs, tutorials, documentation, videos) that caters to varying expertise levels
    • Experience in building applications of various scopes (demo to production) from scratch
    • Excellent documentation skills or educational skills.


    • 1+ year working in the Web3 / Blockchain industry
    • Experience with public speaking, presentations, and video demos. Please provide samples with your application
    • Demonstrated experience in contributing to and actively participating in open source communities, showcasing skills in collaboration, community support, and transparent communication in a collaborative development environment and through different communication channels.
$150,000 - $200,000 a year
Salary range
Please note that the salary range provided is for reference purposes only. During the interview process, we will evaluate each candidate's level of experience and skills, and determine an appropriate salary offer accordingly. We are committed to practicing salary transparency and equity, offering competitive compensation packages based on a candidate's qualifications and experience. Our dedication to ensuring that our employees are compensated fairly for their contributions demonstrates our belief in creating a fair and equitable workplace.

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