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Remote Backend Developer Solidity

DBForest Remote

We are building a team around a new product release DBForest which is a decentralized cloud database marketplace. Think "FileCoin for Databases" or "Web3 Airbnb for Databases".

The cloud database market has >70% profit margins and is ripe for disruption. Only a decentralized model can make a credible claim that the marketplace will continue to foster fair competition. Web2 business models introduce a centralized middleman that always eventually turns against the users in favour of profit.
We will be launching the DApp on its own native blockchain (most likely an L2 or L3 app-chain using op stack or else cosmos tendermint evmos).

  • Fundamental understanding of computation. (expect theory questions )
  • Fundamental understanding blockchains (expect L2, and bridging questions )
  • Solidity
  • goLang (the daemon listening to blockchian events will be in goLang)
  • hardhat
  • devops / ci-cd
  • git
  • linux server management (we will run some of our own nodes)

Salary is flexible depending on seniority level. We have space for 1 junior entry level, 2 mid, 2 seniors at the time of writing.

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