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Remote UNPAID VOLUNTEER - Strategy/ Business Development Officer / Manager

Blockchain & Climate Institute Remote


Role Title: Business Development Officer / Manager / Strategist

Role Nature: Volunteer

Location: Home-based

The Blockchain & Climate Institute (BCI) is an international volunteer-led think tank supporting and advocating the application of blockchain and other emerging technology in the global fight against climate change.

Our Data Policy

We are looking to recruit highly motivated and enthusiastic VOLUNTEER Business Development Officer / Manager / Strategists who will serve as business development officers / managers / strategists. In BCI, they will hold the official title of (Principal / Senior) Strategy Officers, leading the strategy research and business development of the organization in the Strategy Section of the Director-General’s Office. For this voluntary unpaid role, the ideal candidates are driven, experienced, and looking to make a difference in international climate change governance. The successful candidates will be competent strategists with experience managing teams and projects from inception to completion. Working with initiative and having the desire to find solutions to organizational problems should be second nature. Experience as a strategist or management consultant in a public sector organization will be highly beneficial, as will finance experience in a non-profit environment. Successful candidates will be appointed as Principal Strategy Officer, Senior Strategy Officer or Strategy Officer, depending on their seniority and performance in the assessment.

We are currently seeking skilled, experienced strategists serving as management consultants to join our growing organization. Reporting to the Strategy Director (SD), you will help analyze and develop sponsorship and government-focused innovation support proposals relevant to BCI’s scope of activities. You must be a natural communicator who can gain consensus, be accurate, and be understandable and provide actionable suggestions to guide BCI’s activities to be more functional, and more successful, adding to BCI’s core internal competencies.


  • Evaluate short-term or long-term projects, addressing a range of issues and needs;
  • Collaborate with the management or other volunteers to action respective goals and requirements;
  • Utilize both traditional and modern assessment tools, such as interviews, surveys, evaluations, strategic frameworks, etc.;
  • Understand situational interpretations and analyze data to identify and understand challenges;
  • Draft discussion papers, present and explain findings to the Executive Committee and Advisory Board;
  • Provide advice or suggestions for improvements that meet our objectives;
  • Formulate plans for implementation of recommendations;
  • Negotiate and overcome objections from stakeholders and various levels of management; and
  • Suggest and resource training needed to meet challenges that may arise.

Key requirements:

  • BSc/BA/MBA in Business or relevant discipline required;
  • Additional professional qualifications or certifications a plus;
  • Significant work experience as Strategist, Management Consultant, or another relevant role;
  • Proven experience in project management of large multi-phase projects;
  • Strong working knowledge of business management best practices;
  • Solid knowledge of data analysis and research techniques;
  • Familiarity with common business software, project management programs, and IT systems;
  • Able to develop and present detailed, actionable proposals and plans;
  • Impeccable organizational skills;
  • Aptitude for analytical and creative thinking;
  • Excellent listening skills with an ability to communicate with professionals in various disciplines;
  • Managing other ad-hoc activities as needed.

Skills & Abilities:

  • Excellent communication skills, including exceptional written English, the ability to develop effective working relationships, work flexibly across professional and operational boundaries, and communicate professionally with internal and external stakeholders at all levels;
  • Proven ability to lead, develop and motivate colleagues as needed
  • Proven ability to effectively multitask and prioritize work;
  • Excellent problem-solving skills; and
  • Excellent attention to detail and proactive attitude

General & Specialist Knowledge:

  • Strong management consulting expertise is essential for this role.
  • Proficiency in the use of Microsoft Office, including Outlook, Word, Excel, and Powerpoint is essential to perform in this role; and
  • Some knowledge of topics central to the BCI such as climate change, climate finance, and blockchain technology preferred.

Relevant Experience:

  • Proven experience working in a similar role is essential, ideally acquired in a consulting practice and/or non-profit environment;
  • Experience in building constructive relationships with stakeholders; and
  • Experience in working independently and with teams to drive forward projects using one's own initiative.

What difference will you make?

Blockchain and other emerging technologies. Climate change and sustainability. These are two hot topic groups that have been headlining media outlets, dominating conferences & events, and gaining increasing traction in research and pilot projects. BCI is here as an expert platform to help governments, inter-governmental and regional organizations as well as relevant corporates to negotiate the complex landscape of emerging technologies for environmental good. We cement our expertise by putting in the hard work in researching, identifying, and analyzing the applications of emerging technologies so that informed decisions can be made by the stakeholders in the climate change and action network.

What's in it for the volunteer?

Benefits you will get from volunteering with BCI are enormous and some include:

  • You will hone or learn new skills including strategy development, presentation, writing, professional etiquette,
  • Your mind will be mentally stimulated, hence providing you with a sense of purpose;
  • You will advance and boost your professional career by helping you to make professional connections and giving you real-world experience at the intersection between climate and emerging technologies; and
  • Help you develop long-lasting professional relationships with others. People who come together to make the world a better place forge a close connection.

Selection Process

As a voluntary organization, we are pleased to open the door for candidates who may not have the prior experience they need to start, progress, or switch their careers. To recruit the most suitable, talented, or potential new members out of the volume of applications received, it is the BCI’s policy to also consider inexperienced candidates to fill our voluntary unpaid roles as long as they can demonstrate the skills required in the written assessment. In the selection process, most candidates will be invited to complete the following assessment.

Section A: Verbal and Numerical Reasoning (20 multiple-choice questions)

Section B: Situation Judgement Test (20 multiple-choice questions)

Section C: In-Tray Exercise (An open-ended assessment relevant to the duties of the role)

Candidates who pass all three sections will be invited to attend a phone screening, first interview, and final interview online.

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