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Remote Head Of Protocol Research

DBForest United States New York US

We're seeking a visionary Head of Protocol to lead the development of our decentralized cloud services marketplace, the cornerstone of our ecosystem. This highly technical role demands deep expertise in protocol design, distributed systems and cloud infrastructure.

DB Forest is a decentralized managed database marketplace. aka "Akash for cloud databases" or "Filecoin for Managed Databases".
A decentralized database market where anyone can rent or sell managed private cloud databases using crypto pay masters.
DB Forest is designed to solve the problem of cloud vendor lock in freeing up the industry to have real fair market competition and hence drive prices down for the benefit of all.
Particularly we are motivated by opening the market for smaller cloud providers by making it easier to compete with the AWS / Azure duopoly. This is a David and Goliath story.
You will work in a team of highly enthusiastic people who believe they can change the cloud market. All team members have significant experience in the field and are willing to share their knowledge and skills.
You Bring:
Most importantly you bring a desire to take leadership and ownership of protocol design.

  • Strong Solidity skills
  • Rust is a plus
  • Javascript we assume everyone knows
  • Linux and git we also assume everyone knows
  • Strong knowledge of different token models
  • mining, staging
  • yields, burning
  • vesting and allocations
  • Understanding of existing token model implementations by different projects
  • Good understanding of decentralized governance and DAO’s
  • Design Tokenomics to maximize long term incentive for quality service providers
  • Choose token lock up contract
  • Choose the foundation & treasury DAO contracts
  • Design and deploy L2 App Chain ( choice of , Cosmos , OpStack ... )
  • Identify high value protocol integrations ( EigenLayer AVS , LayerZero , filecoin , Innovation Game, SAFE ... )
  • Design a decentralized database secrets exchange
  • Design a database benchmarking protocol that discourages collusion
  • Tokenomic affiliate rewards for brining non sybil users to the platform
  • Coordination of Opensource contribution
Salary Range is Total compensation with founding team allocation & stock options.
Expect Significant team allocation at TGE.
Travel to all major crypto conferences
Full remote work in a remote first team
World wide WeWork membership so you can have your own place to work from

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